Financial Planning

A holistic financial plan can assist clients in having a path to get from Today and to and through Tomorrow.  Our desire is to assist clients in achieving a total organized picture of their assets along with their future financial and retirement goals.  

We recommend having a financial plan for all clients because of the many benefits to them.   Following the RFS Process, financial plans are customized and unique to each client and combine our knowledge and experience with other industry professionals using the latest software and technology. 

The benefits to having a financial plan include:

  • Goal and Target Setting. Identification and intentional naming of goals.
  • Family and Life Planning. College, pre-retirement, legacy planning, etc.
  • Goal Tracking and Motivation. Financial plans are updated regularly and become an integral part of client reviews to help clients remain on track.
  • Electronic Document Archiving. Important info in one place for easy access.
  • Account Consolidation.  Connecting all accounts to one secure location.
  • Plans can be adjusted as needs, wants, or life events occur.

We utilize WealthVision by eMoney for our financial planning software.  WealthVision is a web-based wealth and goal planning tool that provides comprehensive, aggregated client view of all assets in one place with real time asset values for their financial plan.  


WealthVision provides a client access to their own secure personal financial website where we are able to help them link in any outside accounts to attain a truly global snapshot of their wealth in one spot.

*Financial Planning is offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor.