Client Centered

Insurance helps transfer risks and minimize financial stress that would otherwise immediately impact clients and their family members in the event of an untimely death, disability, or declining health event.   When financial stress is minimized, our clients are better able to maintain an appropriate long-term investment focus.

Coinciding with Ring Financial Services’ holistic management approach and through the RFS Process, we learn about a client’s concerns and worries then help identify any risk exposure.  If needed, we quantify the risk with a dollar figure and the cost of insurance needed to transfer the risk to an insurance company.  

For our clients, we consider 3 types of insurance products:

Reviewing risks along with existing life and LTC policies for our clients is part of the RFS Process.  If appropriate, and the client chooses to transfer risks, minimize taxes, or replace existing insurance contacts, we shop multiple top companies in the marketplace at any given time for favorable underwriting and pricing.  We also research the financial strength of the companies being recommended to make sure commitments made by the insurance company today can be counted on when needed.